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Russian Army Officers

Do you forget the German invasion of Russia, Operation Barbarossa? Do you forget Leningrad? Do you forget Stalingrad? Do you forget the Germans seizing Crimea and pushing into the Ukraine and Moscow? Do you forget the killing squads of Einsatzgruppen? Putin does not tell you the truth. It’s all a lie perpetrated by his insanity.

Хай живе Україна

Wake up and look at your leader Putin. He has become your worst enemy, Hitler, and you have become pawns from his hell. Lay down your weapons and help to rebuild the Ukraine and their people! They are your brothers, your sisters, your mothers and fathers, your aunts, uncles and grandparents. Do the right thing and be on the side of good to overcome evil. Stop This Invasion!

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Robin Endsley-Fenn

Robin Endsley-Fenn

Robin Endsley-Fenn received her BFA from The San Francisco Art Institute. She paints with Gouache and Oils on canvas and cotton rag paper. Her style and imagery exemplifies her experience while traveling through Mexico and her tenure in ballet in the 1970’s, utilizing bright colors. All prints are hand signed by Robin.

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Day of the Dead

Mother Earth

Day of the Dead 2

Patricia Fenn

Patricia Fenn is a renown artist and illustrator, who for over 50 years, has specialized in scenes from Puerto Rico and Michigan.

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